Providing outstanding outcomes for indigenous students worldwide

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"It take a village to raise a child"

tiaki recognises the importance of 'engaging the village' so that everyone can contribute to student success.

By connecting school, family and the community, students feel better supported; and their interests, talents and strengths better understood.

Indigenous models of education take a strength based, community focused approach to learning which is embedded in the tiaki technology.

In the village, what role do you play?

Why tiaki?

tiaki has been modeled on the successful indigenous immersion schooling sector in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

With impressive levels of academic achievement, multi-lingual, culturally astute and community connected students, this sector delivers unprecedented education success.

tiaki has replicated this approach and enabled it to scale through technology. Taking a successful model of education to a global audience to provide outstanding outcomes for indigenous students worldwide.

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