Using technology to drive global indigenous

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Economic Independence

tiaki is a leader in technology infrastructure, education and employment, building an indigenous global network that drives regional and community independence.

Our Values:

Impact: positive inter-generational change at every level.
Integrity: doing the right things, in the right way.
Collaboration: working with partners who mutually benefit.
moving fast, delivering results.

Our Community Based Approach

tiaki combines Indigenous design thinking with industry standards and best practice.

Step 1:
Engage with the local Community and Government.
Step 2: Understand local Aspirations, Goals and Outcomes.
Step 3: Build the Technology Ecosystem: Infrastructure, Education and Employment.
Step 4: Connect the Global Network.

Why tiaki?

Indigenous Leadership
tiaki is owned and led by an indigenous executive team with significant experience and expertise in the technology sector.

Industry Accreditation
tiaki holds the requisite industry infrastructure, security and technology accreditations.

Industry Credibility
tiaki is highly invested in indigenous outcomes and has demonstrable industry credibility around the world.

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